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What students and teachers are saying:

“I have not had one student fully study and use this book and not pass the exams.”

“The questions are more challenging than Qpuncture and I can take the book with me anywhere.”

“The most comprehensive Western section – I haven’t found a book with a better one.”

“This is the only book I used to pass my year-ends.”

“Buy this book.  Just buy it.”

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Why Choose Acupass
  • Feel in control of your studying rather than overwhelmed

  • Be assured that you really know the information

  • Increase your confidence

  • Study effectively - save time

AcuPass teaches so that you RETAIN

You can take hundreds of practice tests. If you don’t know why you got an answer wrong, and why an answer may be right, you are wasting time and losing efficiency.


For example:

Test question:

A 78 year-old female was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. Her appearance is thin, and her skin is dry. What is the probable tongue and pulse for this patient?

a. pale, swollen, with gray coating

b. red, with deep center crack, scanty coating

c. short, dry, deep red tongue, raised red spots, peeled coating

d. pale purple with greasy white coating

Answer: C (yin and blood deficiency and long term problem)

A 43 year-old male presents with rapid and shallow breathing that is aggravated by exertion, oliguria, a feeling of cold and pain in the lower abdomen, poor appetite, dizziness, and vomiting of clear, watery fluid. You also note pitting edema around the ankle area. His tongue is swollen with a white greasy coating, and his pulse is slippery. What is the best formula choice?

a. wu zhu yu tang

b. gan mai da zao tang

c. jin gui shen qi wan

d. xiao qing long tang

Where applicable, additional helpful information is given in the answer key:

Answer: C ('a' is for liver channel cold; 'b' is for zan zao syndrome; 'd' is a formula to use when there are exterior cold symptoms)

“Every student I know of that has studied this book cover to cover passed their board exams.”
Jaime Kornsweig, L.Ac. Dean of Students Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


I highly recommend Nicole’s book for anyone who wants to succeed in passing the California Boards or National Exam. It was a wonderful resource and helped to focus my studying efforts on a daily basis. It was easy to use yet highly challenging. It made me stop to review what I would have otherwise skimmed over. It was definitely my go-to book each and every day of studying.

I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Thanks to Nicole and her book I passed the exam with little stress and anxiety.

It may seem expensive for a student, but in the end, it saves from taking a class or worse failing the exam and having to take it again.


Jenn Aubert, MSTOM, L.Ac.

San Francisco, CA

Nicole t. smith,


My name is Nicole and I have been in private practice for over fifteen years.


You're a student. You're busy. You can't afford to waste time or money.


Buy AcuPass

  • Save time, money, and frustration 

  • Feel confident on exam day

  • Begin your life as an acupuncturist

To your success,


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