Currently, there is no other book on the market that can compare with what AcuPass has accomplished. 

AcuPass teaches you to RETAIN the information.

AcuPass contains over 550 pages of essential information. 

The book is comprised of the following sections:


  • study tips

  • study pyramid preparation guide


  • introduction

  • review

  • multiple choice questions


  • introduction

  • exercises

  • multiple choice questions

  • pulse section

Meridian pathways:

  • introduction

  • primary and extra meridian pathways

  • exercises

  • multiple choice questions


  • point location multiple choice questions

  • shanghai point descriptions

  • special exercises for memorizing the five shu points, yuan source, luo connecting, xi-cleft, command points, lower he-sea, 8 influential points, window of sky, sea points, group luo…etc  

  • section on special points description question and answer

Extra Points:

  • introduction

  • chart of the 40 extra points 

  • question and answer

Point Charts:

  • shu point indications

  • levels of points on the abdomen

  • level of points dorsal

  • chart on special considerations (no moxa, contraindications, avoid the artery, no deep needle, pregnancy)

Needle Technique:

  • introduction

  • short answer questions

  • multiple choice questions

  • charts

  • ear, scalp, electro-acupuncture, moxa, and cupping questions

Single Herbs:

  • introduction

  • categories

  • toxicity

  • pregnancy caution and contraindication

  • chart of herbs to aid in memorization

  • short answer questions

  • multiple choice questions


  • introduction

  • categories

  • short answer

  • multiple choice questions

  • formula ingredients chart with fill-ins exercise


  • introduction

  • list of formulas with modifications and indications

  • short answer questions


  • introduction

  • multiple choice questions


  • introduction

  • multiple choice questions

Western: 100 pages devoted just to western knowledge

  • introduction

  • multiple choice questions

  • short answer questions

  • charts

  • spreadsheets on: 

    • hepatitis

    • radiculopathy

    • cranial nerves

    • vitamins and minerals

  • 6 sections on pathology and diseases

Common Prescription Drugs:

  • over 100 drugs listed in chart form noting:

    • brand name

    • generic name

    • action

    • indication(s)

Case Studies: nearly 100 multiple choice questions focusing on the popular case study format, where you are taught how to gather all information to answer the question

Bonus: formulas chart section

Conclusion: containing exam-day preparation tips and a visualization exercise to relax you before test days and the big exam day


over 500 pages of testing aid


  • Comprehensive

  • challenging

  • Proven to keep you focused and on track



Nicole T. Smith, L.Ac.


PO Box 179 Scotland, CT 06264

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